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Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation

Improving your balance means greater safety and independence.

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Roughly 40 percent of people over the age of 40 experience balance problems at some point.  There are many causes of imbalance, but a large percentage is due to a weakness or deficit within your vestibular system.  The vestibular system provides information about motion and your body’s position in space. 

The brain, inner ear, vision and sensation, comprises the systems that maintain balance. When any of these are impaired, the body experiences this mismatch of information as a sense of imbalance.  In Vestibular Rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapists apply specific techniques to treat vertigo and balance disorders with success rates as high as 90 percent. 

Advanced Vestibular Care to Meet Patient Needs

At Spaulding, our clinical approach to treatment takes the patient’s entire vestibular system into account. We strive to address the issues that affect your everyday life and include you actively in your treatment.

This takes the coordinated effort of a multidisciplinary team. Occupational and physical therapists will evaluate your balance, coordination, and vestibular system function, with the goal of stabilization. Our therapists work closely with your physician, to develop an individualized plan of care. Treatment options may include repositioning maneuvers, visual system training, balance activities, or a combination of these approaches to maximize function.


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