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From the competitive athlete to the weekend warrior, you'll want the best rehab team for your care.

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Regardless of the sport, we can help the athlete to keep enjoying it by building strength, improving balance and flexibility, and increasing endurance Athletes of all ages and skill levels who have experienced pain or suffered an injury while participating in a sport can find state-of-the-art clinical care within the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network. As a leader in rehabilitative care, we use the latest technology and research to treat a range of conditions, helping patients return to their activities as quickly and safely as possible.

A simple change in training or a small correction in equipment may be all that is needed. If the evaluation shows a more serious problem, we will work with the patient and physician to create a comprehensive plan of therapy.

In addition, a Sports Concussion Clinic for children and adolescents is offered at Spaulding Outpatient Centers Orleans and Yarmouth. This integrated program combines a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation by a physician, the use of the ImPACT neurocognitive test, and individualized therapy and education plans to promote full recovery.

Approach to Care

Using a multidisciplinary team approach, each patient at the Spaulding Network is evaluated individually to define their rehabilitative needs. This includes a thorough exam including a medical history, objective measures, and any necessary tests to determine the mechanical dysfunctions related to the injury. A plan of care is then developed with you to addresses any problems, impairments, and functional limitations. Goals are set for you with the aim of achieving the highest functional level you can. The inclusion of a home exercise program is part of all plans as part of the maintenance of progress made in the clinical environment. 

Communication is vital to the sports injury rehabilitation patient’s treatment team. The Spaulding Network ensures that there is regular communication between the therapist, athletic trainer, and your physician. This communication is critical to help ensure your treatments are advanced appropriately and that all involved are helping you return to sport as quickly and safely as possible.

Advanced Sports Injury Care to Meet Our Patients' Needs

Spaulding’s program covers a range of conditions, including acute sports injuries, strains, sprains, muscle, tendon and ligament tears and repairs, tendonitis, hand injuries, shoulder dislocation and surgery, and foot and ankle dysfunction.

Our treatment plans start with hands-on care combined with customized therapy that often include: 

  • Biomechanical assessment of alignment, function, strength, range of motion and flexibility
  • Joint and soft tissue mobilization to increase range of motion
  • Modalities to increase tissue flexibility, decrease pain and swelling and promote healing
  • Progressive strengthening and conditioning
  • Consultation regarding bracing, taping and orthotics
  • Aquatic exercise programs


In addition to rehabilitation following injury, our physical therapists can improve the performance of athletes of all ages by:

  • Prescribing general sports conditioning
  • Preseason athletic evaluation of children/adolescents to identify potential injuries before they occur
  • Training to improve balance and muscle coordination


Leadership and Expertise

Our team consists of therapists, board-certified physicians, nutritionists, and spine care specialists; some team members are also certified athletic trainers.  

The Sports Concussion Clinic team is led by a physiatrist with an extensive background  in exercise physiology and a special interest in sports medicine,  working closely with specially trained physical therapists (occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists as needed) to develop and implement each patient’s treatment plan.  In addition, support staff are trained to administer ImPACT testing.

Andrew Judelson, M.D., Program Director, Sports Concussion Clinic


Spaulding is dedicated to using the most innovative therapies in the field of Sports Medicine. In one emerging treatment, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is used to accelerate healing of tendon, ligament and bone injuries.  To prepare the PRP, the patient’s blood is drawn, and processed in a centrifuge to produce a concentrated platelet enriched and activated mixture. These concentrated, healing platelet cells are then injected into painful ligaments and tendons weakened by injury, kick-starting the injury site into healing mode.




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