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Spine Care and Back Pain

From minor neck and back pain to spinal surgery, you'll want the best rehab team for your care.

Spine Care and Back Pain

At Spaulding Outpatient Centers, we’re committed to helping you get your back “back”. Persistent neck and back pain can dramatically affect your enjoyment of life. As a leader in rehabilitative care, we use the latest research and newest technologies to treat a range of conditions including:

Advanced Care to Meet Your Needs

Spaulding’s therapists create an individualized spinal rehabilitation exercise program to help you achieve both short- and long-term rehabilitation goals, and to prevent recurrences of problems. Your physical therapist will help you become adept at performing your prescribed exercise program at home.

Spaulding’s approach to spine care and conditioning begins with a comprehensive evaluation, where impairments and functional limitations can be addressed. We  focus on the patient’s individual needs and goals, such as returning to work and leisure activities.

The Spine Care rehabilitation teams at Spaulding can help you reduce your pain and improve your function using a combination of techniques that may include:

  • Spinal mobilization to reduce pain and improve spinal alignment and mobilty
  • Therapeutic exercises based on current biomechanical and anatomical research
  • Postural and activity modification
  • Soft tissue and muscle-lengthening techniques to correct muscle imbalance
  • Traditional modalities such as electrical stimulation and ultrasound
  • Additional modalities such as acupuncture (link), massage (link), yoga (link), and relaxation techniques
  • X-ray guided spinal injections

Leadership and Innovation

Our physicians and therapists are experts in treating injuries, back conditions, and other orthopedic issues that affect the musculoskeletal system. Our spine experts use a whole-body approach for diagnosis and treatment. Care is focused on non-operative solutions to get you back in the game or back to work, safely and without re-injury.

Team members are specially trained in identifying movement abnormalities of your spinal joints, as well as length strength imbalances of your muscular system.


Spaulding Rehabilitation Network is dedicated to researching new treatments in the field of spine care and conditioning. Spaulding researchers, including physicians and other clinicians, oversee ongoing research studies and clinical trials such as those listed below.

Research Program

Fluoroscopy is a minimally invasive spine interventional procedure that is considered an effective method of treating acute and chronic painful spine conditions resistant to conservative treatment. Fluroscopy procedures are performed with local anesthesia and within an hour, patients are able to resume daily activities. These spine interventions include Spinal Nerve Root blocks, Transforaminal Epidural injections, Facet Joints Injections, and Radiofrequency Ablations.


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