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Pediatric Augmentative Alternative Communication Services


The Spaulding Pediatric Rehabilitation Centers offer communication and technology services to provide comprehensive evaluations and interventional strategies for children and young adults needing alternative or augmentative means of communication through use of a variety of different communication devices.  The goal is to provide communication skills that extend beyond simply conveying of basic wants and needs, to provide the means to allow each individual to be heard, and to express emotions. In addition, Spaulding provides Assistive Technology evaluations and interventional strategies for children requiring academic aides for use in their home and classroom environments.

Approach to Care

Whether a child needs a single therapy or a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation program, our pediatric rehabilitation specialists develop a customized care plan to ensure the best possible results. In helping our patients reach their potential, our staff addresses the physical, social, emotional and academic needs of each child, laying the foundation for the continuing development of abilities and the experience of success. Clinicians work with pediatric specialists, referring physicians, schools, the family and the child to set goals and review progress. We also help families identify additional services and resources available to them within the healthcare system and in their communities.


At Spaulding, our therapists and other rehabilitation professionals provide specialized rehabilitation for children with a wide variety of developmental delays, injuries, illnesses and disabilities. Our clinicians have advanced training and experience working with children of all ages. Team members listen carefully to what each child and parents have to say to create a therapy program that engages and excites the child.


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