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Parkinson's Disease

Living with Parkinson's Disease is a challenge. We'll help you get the most out of every day.

Parkinsons patient with nurse

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is much more than a movement disorder.  In addition to impacting walking and balance, PD can affect thinking and speech, emotions and behavior, writing and self-care skills.  It can also disrupt many bodily functions. 

The evolving knowledge of PD combined with improvements in medical interventions and rehabilitation techniques are giving new hope to patients and families living with this progressive neurological disease.  Parkinson’s and related movement disorders are complex diseases that affect each individual differently.  At Spaulding, we believe that the right, comprehensive, rehabilitation approach can extend the time patients are able to remain active and living at home.  We consider the patient, family and caregivers to be essential members of the rehabilitation team 

Advanced Parkinson's Care to Meet Patients' Needs

Whether you are in the early or advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease, our Spaulding Rehabilitation Network experts in neuro-rehabilitation will help you get the most out of each day.  We will create a treatment plan specific to your needs with careful attention to the effectiveness of medications.  You will learn strategies and techniques to deal with the multiple effects of PD (from tremors and gait disturbance to depression and lack of energy), that you can apply in your daily activities.  From reaching the correct diagnosis to developing treatment strategies that reflect each patient’s goals, our teams are passionate about helping you face and often overcome the challenges of PD. 

Our multiple levels of care throughout the Spaulding Network can meet patients’ needs at every stage of the disease.  Our levels of care are: intensive inpatient rehabilitation, specialized physician diagnostic and treatment services, comprehensive outpatient therapy, wellness programs, and long-term care.  

Spaulding’s Inpatient Parkinson’s Program components may include:

  • Comprehensive management of the person’s medical, functional, and behavioral needs with a focus on promoting independence and safety
  • Medical consultation with neurologist or rehabilitation physician
  • 24-hour nursing care with a focus on medication management
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapies as needed
  • Education for patient and family
  • Nutrition counseling and support
  • Advanced rehabilitation technologies, including assistive technologies, body-weight support systems, and electrical stimulation devices
  • Speech therapies including the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT)
  • Therapeutic recreation
  • Education in fall prevention

Spaulding's Outpatient Parkinson’s Program components may include: 

Leadership and Innovation

Though PD is a degenerative disease, patients can make important gains in mobility and other areas when partaking in focused rehabilitation.  Spaulding’s Centers for Geriatric Neurology, based at Spaulding Cape Cod, developed an innovative model of care that integrates medical and functional aspects of treatment from the first visit throughout the plan of care.  The result is care that, in many cases, strengthens the patient, delays progression of symptoms, and enhances the caregiver’s management of symptoms so that the patients is able to safely remain in the home.  


Spaulding’s rehabilitation experts deliver coordinated care for complex neurological disorders.  The core inpatient care team may be joined by a pharmacist, a nutritionist, a therapeutic recreation specialist, a respiratory therapist, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a social worker, and an orthotist.  Based on the complexity of the patient’s needs, the outpatient care team may include a rehabilitation physician or neurologist, therapists, social worker, orthotist, audiologist, low vision specialist and others.  Our patients have access to accomplished therapists, including physical therapists specializing in neurological rehabilitation and speech and language pathologists certified in Lee Silverman Voice Treatment.

David M. Lowell, MD, Neurologist, Medical Director, the Spaulding Centers for Geriatric Neurology at Spaulding Cape Cod


Spaulding is conducting research to advance function and quality of life for persons living with Parkinson’s disease.  Spaulding physicians and other clinicians are pursuing three research studies and clinical trials focused on monitoring motor fluctuations with a wearable sensor system and predicting upper limb rigidity by analyzing speech patterns.  

Paolo Bonato, Director, Motion Analysis Lab, Spaulding Rehabiliation Hospital Boston



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