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Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program

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Brain injury patient

Spaulding’s Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program provides state-of-the-art rehabilitative care for adults and children who are recovering from an acquired brain injury as a result of traumatic causes (such as an accident) or non-traumatic causes. Our care includes advanced evaluation technologies, evidence-based rehabilitation programs, and extensive family and community programs.

Spaulding’s physicians, nurses, therapists and other specialists are trained to evaluate and treat the physical, cognitive, and behavioral consequences of brain injury. Our brain injury specialists are dedicated to working toward the goal of helping each patient return to a life that is independent and productive. The treatment team includes physicians, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, respiratory therapists, neuropsychologists, behavioral psychologists, neuro-psychiatrists, social workers, therapeutic recreation specialists, and clinical dieticians. Pastoral care is available as well.


Advanced Brain Injury Care to Meet Our Patients' Needs

Each brain injury survivor has a unique set of medical, cognitive and physical needs. After completing a comprehensive evaluation, Spaulding tailors each treatment plan accordingly. Our evidence-based services include:

  • Specialized neuromonitoring and clinical interventions
  • Data-driven treatment protocols
  • Assistive technologies to promote communication recovery
  • Standardized progress assessments that address cognitive, linguistic, and physical function
  • Education and support for patients and families
  • Opportunities for participation in cutting-edge research


Leadership and Innovation

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston is a National Center of Excellence in brain injury rehabilitation. We are also the only hospital in Massachusetts to be awarded a Traumatic Brain Injury Model System (TBIMS) designation by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR). As one of 16 TBIMS sites across the U.S., we collaborate with other innovative hospitals to improve patient care, maintain a national database, participate in independent and collaborative research, and provide continuing education to healthcare professionals. Please visit for more information.

Spaulding also offers a unique Neurotrauma Outreach Program, which provides education and advocacy training for the families of brain injury patients. This program, led by the co-founder of the Brain Injury Association of America, provides patients, families, and friends with access to an on-site Resource Center, support and educational groups, specific training in the art of advocacy and connections with the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts.

Clinical Expertise: All Spaulding Network facilities are accredited by the Joint Commission. Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston is also accredited by CARF, with a Brain Injury Program Specialty.

Timothy Young, MD, Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program Director, Spaulding Rehabiliation Hospital Boston

Gregory Malloy, MD, Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program Director, Spaulding Rehabiliation Hospital Cape Cod

Joseph Giacino, PhD, Disorders of Consciousness Program Director, Spaulding Rehabiliation Hospital Boston  



The Spaulding Network is committed to rehabilitation research that will improve the lives of brain injury survivors. Under the leadership of Dr. Joe Giacino, we focus our efforts on new rehabilitation strategies as well as the prevention of long-term complications. Ongoing research includes:

  • A historic, 5-year project, sponsored by the Department of Defense, to study on the effects of Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Spaulding is one of only 10 participants nationwide and is the only rehabilitation hospital in the country so honored.
  • An investigation into available resources and research gaps for brain injury survivors, under the aegis of the Traumatic Brain Injury Commission
  • A study to investigate whether the drug zolpidem, an FDA-approved medication to treat sleep-related issues, can help to restore consciousness in individuals who have sustained a traumatic brain injury.
  • A study is to investigate whether transcranial, high-intensity LED - a form of light therapy  - applied outside the skull can improve working memory in TBI patients.
  • A study to investigate whether Amantadine, an FDA-approved drug that is used to treat influenza A, Parkinson's disease, and other similar conditions, is effective in treating irritability and aggression in patients with TBI.


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