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Spaulding Rehabilitation Network Patient & Family Advisory Councils

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At each Spaulding hospital is a Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC). The PFAC is a committee that was developed to encourage increased collaboration between hospital leadership, clinical staff, and patients/families, including increased identification of the needs and priorities of patients and their families.

The PFAC works to identify need in areas of communication, improvement in processes and continued growth across the hospital, specifically as they relate to the care of patients and families while at Spaulding.

Members of the PFAC work together to develop plans and strategies to help strengthen and improve patient care delivery and lead to improved outcomes for patients and families.

The PFAC is comprised of former patients and family members who are willing to share their experiences while at Spaulding Rehabilitation Network hospitals and who are interested in helping to speak as a voice of change.

In addition, employees from various departments help to facilitate the meetings. The hospital representatives bring feedback from the PFAC to administration and help to facilitate recommendations.

Various members of our care teams invite patients to join the PFAC. These patients are identified as ones who could work with the other members of the PFAC to have a critical voice in helping to develop new programs and analyze current ones.

As active members of the PFAC, patients and families serve as a voice to:

  • Generate new ideas/initiatives that can be carried out across the hospital
  • Evaluate development of patient specific programs offered throughout the environment of care
  • Provide feedback on current processes and offer suggestions for improvement
  • Maintain confidentiality and respect for the topics discussed during PFAC meetings, especially with regards to specific experiences other members of the committee choose to share.

PFAC members are asked to consider participating on the committee for a period of at least one year, with meetings being held no more than nine times per year for two hours.

Hospital contacts for the PFAC are:

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